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Spain Unique Things

Spain is different and so are the unique facts about Spain. The country combines well the excess of feasts, untiring nightlife, stunning and diverse natural scenery, supposedly impossible to achieve levels of synergy between ancient and modern architecture and artistic culture, fun and fascination, beautiful people, incredible cuisine, sun, sea, sand and sangria. Tourists will find an abundance of things to do in Spain which creates a variety and spice of life which one can never experience outside Spain.

Unique things about Spain

  • Tomato Fighting: Tomato fighting is one of the strangest of all Spanish festivals and carnivals is La Tomatina where upwards of 30,000 semi-naked people gather to throw tomatoes at each other before getting washed down by the hoses of the local fire brigade. It is truly an experience worth experiencing and on the top of the list of things about spain while visiting the country.  

  • Bull Fighting & Bull Running: Bill fighting and bull running is world famous and is on the top of the list for things to do in Spain. Bull fighting may be a ritualized killing and is many people’s idea of extreme cruelty, but to others the experience of a corrida is a breathtaking and dramatic view of the Spanish psyche.

  • View the Alhambra:  The Alhambra is the most unbelievable and enduring legacy of Spain and is worth a hundred visits. To get a true feel of it and understand why the Alhambra was the physical expression of the Moorish concept of paradise, one should climb up to St. Nicholas Square at sunset and see how the ancient wonder glows golden against the stunning snow-capped backdrop of the peaks of the Sierra Nevada. One is sure to get moved by the view.

  • Art & Culture: The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is a work of art in itself and worth visiting even if you’re not interested in the wealth of art and artefacts contained therein.  The museum is an incredibly daring structure built from titanium, glass and stone, and it beats at the heart of this city of contrasts. Madrid’s Reina Sofia Museum is tame in architectural comparison. Spain has a wealth of art and culture- and every city, town or region you visit will offer you a whole host of opportunity to experience the Spanish cultural riches. This is one of the unique facts about spain.

  • Visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Spain has over 35 sites that have been marked as world heritage sites and it’s totally an experience of a kind.

  • The Seville Fair: Spanish people are known as the party people and they party well. And to get the experience of the biggest, liveliest and most exciting party of all the Seville fair which is seven days of pure fun.  From processions of horses, carriages and beautiful people dressed in their stunning traditional Spanish attired and pouting a lot to nights filled with wild yet graceful dancing, eating, drinking and everything but sleep. This is an experience and things about Spain which every visitor should enjoy.

  • Surfing Or Snowboarding: Spain has the unique natural landscape to satisfy the sports lovers. From riding the Biscay swell at Guernika in the Billabong Pro to snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada Mountains one can enjoy to the fullest.

  • Unrivalled Views: Spain not only has the most breathtaking natural scenery, with a  wealth of unique views to die for. One can stand atop the piste with views of Granada to the coast of Morocco so close that one can almost reach out and touch it.

  • Clubbing In Ibiza: Nightlife is such an important part of Spanish culture and clubs are crowded till the wee hours. There are number of clubs in Ibiza with full of Spanish men and women looking to set the dance floor alive. Nightlife is world famous and one of the things to do in Spain and not to be missed out.
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Spain Unique Things | Unique Fact About Spain | Fact About the Country Spain
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