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Spain Food

Spain food has been long known for its cuisine as it is some of the best. Eating is in Spain one of the most pleasing rituals of daily life. And to not have some of the fine food in Spain that is offered by the many eateries in the country is a must during one’s visit.  Some of the restaurants in Spain even allow one to watch the food being prepared by the most skilled chefs the country has to offer.  The food in Spain is renowned traditionally by the use of olive oil, vegetal or animal fat, pork butter, as well as a great variety of fruits and vegetables taken from the Arab culture, and other elements like potatoes and tomatoes, that arrived from America.
Food from Spain is one of the most well known and highly admired foods in the world. The variety and richness of its cuisine, as well as the meal culture is very easy to find, in the great cities or the small rural villages. Most of restaurants in Spain usually close once a week (Sunday or Monday), although there are numerous establishments that open every time and day. In Spain there are no anti-smoking laws as in the rest of Europe, so you won’t find “No Smoking” sections in most of the restaurants and bars. In Spain, they eat much later than in the rest of Europe so the restaurants in Spain often open as late as 3 or 4 pm for lunch and 8 or 9pm for dinner.
Spain food offers a list of delicacies which are not to be missed and there is no place on earth where one can find such a collection of dishes. But all this comes with a price, so be sure to carry enough money. But the food is all the worth the money. Spain is essentially a wine-drinking country, with sherry being one of the principal export products. Its English name is the anglicised version of the producing town Jerez, from which the wine was first shipped to England.

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