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Hotels in Spain

Cities in Spain

Spain Cities

Spain an ever-charming destination with myriad of attractive stuff attracts millions of tourists every year from all across the globe. The cities of Spain have the finest amalgamation of both ancient and modern heritages. Old twisted streets in the cities impart them a look and feel of medieval age while the modern architecture and hi-tech advancement create their modern ambience. Monuments, museums, castles, and many interesting entertainment resources are available in almost every famous cities in Spain. Fabulous arrangement of accommodation and friendly inhabitants make your tour even more joyful. Palatable food and regional variety in Spain cities are some good reasons why they are always crowded with visitors. Some of the most popular cities of Spain are:


Transformed into one of the most stylish and dynamic cities over the last two decades, Barcelona is sizzling destination in the country. Fun, festivals and party time seem continues round the year. Bewitching architecture, fascinating fashion, palatable food and excellent music are hallmarks of the city. Buildings stunningly designed by the eccentric genius Gaudi leave an indelible impression on you. Significant collection of artwork by Picasso and Miro present the creative heritage of the country.  

Las Hurdes

Tourism development fever has hardly left any region intact in the country. The beautiful city of Las Hurdes in northern Extremadura endorses this fact. After entering the premises of this famous cities in Spain you may feel that time has slowed down if not stopped.  Why? Because you still find many people living in the traditional and unique stone houses. Interesting, isn’t it?


The capital city Madrid has a distinctive aura. The headiest and famous cities in Spain excites you as you enter it. Thrilling nightlife, friendly strangers and instantly blooming passion make the visitors addicted to the city’s charm in no time.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a ritzy resort where the wealthy Spanish come in order to get away from the crowd in the south.

Cities and Hotels in Spain
  ‡ Alicante  ‡ Jerez  ‡ Salamanca
  ‡ Almeria  ‡ Lanzarote  ‡ San Sebastian
  ‡ Barcelona  ‡ Lleida  ‡ Santander
  ‡ Bilbao  ‡ Madrid  ‡ Santiago de Compostela
  ‡ Cadiz  ‡ Majorca  ‡ Seville
  ‡ Cordoba  ‡ Malaga  ‡ Tenerife
  ‡ Fuerteventura  ‡ Marbella  ‡ Torremolinos
  ‡ Gran Canaria  ‡ Menorca  ‡ Valencia
  ‡ Granada  ‡ Murcia  ‡ Zaragoza
  ‡ Ibiza  ‡ Oviedo  

Famous City in Spain | Spain Cities
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